Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, The Best For Oily Skin

When on the move or the weather is hot, without realizing it our bodies sweat. The incompatibility of foundation products used can make makeup on the face fade. Therefore, those of you who have oily skin must be smart to choose a foundation. In the election, there are several things that must be considered. Adjust to your skin color Choose a foundation whose color is close to the tone of your skin to make it look fused and natural. To choose the right color, try applying a little foundation on the face or neck, and not on the skin of the hand. This is because the tendency of hand skin color is usually darker than facial skin. When you try to apply foundation on the surface of the face, do it in a bright place. If we try to sweep foundation in a room that is low in light, then maybe we will make the wrong choice because the skin color will look darker and not suitable to determine the process of identifying the right choice of foundation. So do this color test in a bright place. If you are looking for the best foundation for oily skin, one of the foundations that are highly recommended is the MAYBELLINE Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation. Dedicated to teenagers, this foundation has the skin tone most consumers have. In addition, this Maybelline foundation has a unique texture that is ideal for oily skin to make it look natural. This product works to cover the pores and absorb oil on the skin so that it remains matte (non-glossy) and flawless. Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless packaging is made of thick and sturdy glass. Close the screw model without the pump inside. Even without a pump, the product is still easy to control the amount to be released. Behind the packaging, there is complete product information and ingredient composition behind the sticker. The bottle cap section also has a shade information code in the same number as the shad name. Fit me! Matte + Poreless Foundation with an ultra-lightweight formula. Contains micro-powder which can absorb excess oil for matte and non-porous results. The lightweight formula is suitable for everyday use. Durable and available in 16 shades. Being able to flatten facial texture for normal skin types tends to be oily. Use evenly on the face and neck using a hand or brush.

The Body Shop Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation

Not all foundation products are suitable for oily skin types. Using an incorrect foundation can make the skin more oily and the problem of large pores, blackheads, and acne growth that gets worse. In this article will be presented a series of foundation brands that are suitable to be applied by women who have oily facial skin. But, before you see the list of the best foundation for oily skin, it's good to first read the tips on choosing a foundation that can last a long time and last a day to use on oily skin. When you are trying to appear with light makeup, you can choose the type of foundation that is in the form of powder. This is because it is more suitable for oily skin types that are effective in absorbing excess oil on the face. Whereas when you want long-lasting makeup, you can choose a variant of oil-free liquid foundation and primarily water-based which is specifically designed for oily skin. Choose a foundation that is durable and not messy. Facial skin oil will damage makeup, so choose a waterproof, water-resistant and durable foundation to avoid messy makeup. One type of foundation that we recommend for you is The Body Shop Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation. As the name implies, the effect produced by this foundation application is matte. Although including foundation full coverage, the latest product from The Body Shop is able to give natural results. This is because this product was created for those whose skin is oily. The formula contained in this foundation is natural ingredients that are safe for the skin, cruelty-free and against animal testing. So, The Matte Body Shop Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation can cover acne scars and black spots on the face. The Foundation is available in 6 color variants, namely Sagano Bamboo, Japanese Maple, Railay Beach, Tamerza Dune, Havana Sand, and Savannah Pecan.

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation

A Fresh New Flawless Dream Velvet Foundation. It Whips A Fresh Gel Into A Velvet-Soft-Texture. Complexion Looks Perfected & Smooth, With A Soft-Matte Finish. Skin Feels Fresh & Stays Hydrated All Day. Suitable For Sensitive Skin. Tested Under Dermatological Control. Non-Comedogenic. 30ml. This listing is for 3 foundations.

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation

I bought this foundation over the winter period and it wore well on my skin in the cold weather as my skin is generally dry. In the summer it hasn't been great on my skin as it literally melts off the skin in hot weather.

Maybelline Fit Matte Poreless Foundation

Tone texture-fitting foundation for the ultimate natural fit. Mattifies, erases pores and matches natural tone For Normal to Oily Skin Why You'll Love It Fit Me! Matte + Poreless from Maybelline

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